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Everything you need to get your Orchid growing going!

We have a wide variety of pots and supplies as well as 18 genre and 70 species of orchids, including: Cattleya, Cymbidium, Dendrobium, Lycaste, Masdevallia, Oncidium, Paphiopedilum, Phalaenopsis, Stanhopea, Vanda - in spike, full bloom and

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Everything you need to know to learn how to grow orchids on your own!

Download information sheets from the American Orchid Society, watch videos full of helpful hints and visit recommended websites for more information.

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Have you ever wanted to enjoy orchids in your home or office, but have a hard time keeping them blooming? We have the perfect solution for you - lease ours!

Ahtanum Orchids leases orchids for a day, week, or month in the immediate Yakima Valley area for:

Special events, Monthly office leases, Residential use, and more.

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We are trying something new, the Ahtanum Orchids Orchid Rescue Program.

We are going to try to help you save your ailing orchid!

We solve your orchid's problem directly with you, or have you send pictures of your orchid, or ship your orchid to us, so we can further help you identify the problem.

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Ahtanum Orchid Cultures - Your Orchid Specialist

Ahtanum Orchid Culture located in Yakima, Washington welcomes you to visit our orchid farm as your Northwest Orchid Retailer. We are excited to have you visit the new greenhouse that is loaded with a vast and varied orchid collection, consisting of paphiopedilums, cattleyas, dendrobiums, talumnias, phragmipediums, and many other genera.

While you are here, enjoy a glass of wine (Paul is the vintner) or ice tea and be sure to visit the growth chamber to view Paul’s hard work at seeding orchids in vitro. His experience with self-pollination of the various orchid species is fascinating, and you can observe the species in their purest form as a varietal species. Due to his green thumb, a variety of lab grown species will soon be available for the enjoyment of orchid lovers.

Orchid supplies are available on our orchid farm for purchase.  If we don’t have a product that you want, we will find it for you so it is available locally.  We carry Orchiata bark, ready to use straight from the bag.  Once you try it you’ll find you love it for super growth!

As incurable collectors we found there is always an orchid we couldn’t live without or that someone couldn’t talk us into purchasing.  Thus, the collection keeps growing.  Don’t let us go to a flower or orchid show because we can’t restrain ourselves. One of the orchid Reps. told us “When you start talking to your orchids, you know you have orchid Fever.’”  Is that a movie?

Ahtanum Orchid Culture is owned by Gaye and Paul L. McCarthy, PHD. Paul is the orchid horticulturalist, with his PhD in Plant Science from the University of Idaho.  Paul specializes in plant pathology, tissue culture, plant regeneration in vitro culture.

Ahtanum Orchid Culture (AOS) ships within the U.S. and U.S. Territories. All orchids are USDA approved.

If we can answer any questions you may have about raising orchids, please contact us.