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Lease an Orchid

Have you ever wanted to enjoy orchids in your home or office, but have a hard time keeping them blooming? We have the perfect solution for you – lease our orchids.

Ahtanum Orchids leases orchids for a day, week, or month in the immediate Yakima Valley area for:

  • Special events: weddings, bridal shows, parties, meetings
  • Monthly office leases: offices, spas, banks, stores
  • Residential use: dinner parties or home decor

For special events and large quantities, we require at least one month notice on the type of flower you want, which includes size, color, and quantity.

Monthly Orchid Lease Program

Ahtanum Orchids will provide weekly care and exchange of your blooming orchid with a new, blooming orchid every month. The type of orchids provided will vary unless you specify type, size, and color(s) desired. Ahtanum Orchids cannot guarantee the availability of all special requests without adequate advanced notice.

We will go out of our way to provide you with your needs. Contact Gaye for all of the details.