Community Pot, several seedlings together in one pot

F, Fragrant

In Tissue Culture, still being grown in a culture

S, Seedling, approx. 18-26 months from blooming

NBS, Near Blooming Size, approx. 12-18 months from blooming

BS, Blooming Size, approx. 1-12 months from blooming

LBS, Large Blooming Size, big plants that have previously bloomed

IS, in spike, orchid will bloom in 1-4 weeks, depending on the species

B/F, budding and/or flowering

Blooming, orchids are blooming!

Orchid Plants


Cattleya like intermediate temperatures to grow well:7 2-82 degree days, 65-75 degree nights. Also humidity in the 60-70 percent range will help keep the air roots healthy. Misting always will help keep the humidity up,, along with a humidity tray if you are growing your Cats indoors.

All orchids are guaranteed to be the best quality possible. Because of the nature of orchids , once they leave the warehouse they are out of out control, so I you are dissatisfied with the orchids you receive, AOS requires notification within 48 hours after you receive them to insure that you get a replacement or a refund.

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