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Save an Orchid

We are trying something new … the Ahtanum Orchids Orchid Rescue Program!

We are going to try to help you save your ailing orchid! We will:

  • Solve your orchid’s problem directly with you, so you can have years of enjoyment from your orchid plant.
  • Have you send pictures of your orchid, so we can further help you identify the problem if option 1 does not succeed.
  • Have you ship/deliver your orchid plant to us and we will go out of our way to restore it to health it for you. The cost to you will be shipping and the materials we need to use for the recovery. However, there is no guarantee that we can return your plant to full flowering glory, depending on its condition.
  • If your orchid is a less common variety and/or an endangered species (ESA, CITES) from the country the orchid originated from, you can donate it to our Orchid Rehabilitation Program. We will make every effort to make the plant healthy again, and either donate it to the local botanical garden or try to send it back to an orchid society in the originating country so they can reintroduce the plant to the orchid’s natural habitat.

Contact us for details.

Please note that it can take months for orchids to recover, depending on the problem. Also, some common orchids are not worth the effort required for full recovery.